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Macadamia Deluxe Nourishing Shampoo- 1000ml Sulfate free


Macadamia Deluxe Professional Nourishing Shampoo 1000ml – Sulphate free

Macadamia Deluxe professional nourishing shampoo is a moisturizing hair Shampoo. Healthy hair resides only on the healthy scalp. The healthier the scalp the less will be the hair fall. Helps rebuild strength and intensely repair damage from daily brushing, heat styling, repeated coloring, or chemical treatments. It is formulated with rich, nourishing ingredients like Hydrolyzed Keratin to reduce hair damage & add shine, DPanthenol to lock in moisture & maintain hydration, and Silk Protein which creates a protective layer on the hair to seal the moisture. The DermatologistApproved Macadamia Deluxe Nourishing Shampoo that gently cleanses without stripping the natural oils in the hair for normal to dry hair.

• This shampoo is designed without sulfates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients that might cause adverse effects. Macadamia Deluxe reduces split ends and seals the hair cuticle with a layer of protein. Once your strands receive Macadamia Deluxe care and protection, your hair will be stronger, shinier, and healthier. Our sulfate-free Professional shampoo is healthy and non-irritating because it contains avocado, which helps add lustrous shine and softness to hair, to stay hair sturdy and swish and whipped albumen protein, for smooth and healthy wanting hair. Robust, resilient, and vitalized, the presence of this organic shampoo can restore the vitality of damaged hair and prevent hair loss. It contains groundbreaking ingredients that effectively strengthen the hair’s roots and provide protection from the harmful effects of heat.

Features & details

• Macadamia Deluxe Nourishing Shampoo is an everyday use mild shampoo This Professional shampoo effectively reduces hair breakage and removes dirt and oil from the scalp, keeping hair healthy, lustrous and strong.

This Professional shampoo revitalizes dull and fizzy hair. Infused with hair’s building compound,
Macadamia Deluxe is here to make your mane silky-smooth and strong. It also nourishes, moisturizes and adds shine to your hair while gently cleansing your scalp.

Designed to all hair types and is excellent for Dry, Damaged Hair.

Replenishes moisture with no heavy build-up.
Protects from harsh daily environmental elements.


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