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Electric Hat Steamer Hair Steamer for Deep Conditioning


Electric Hat Steamer Hair Steamer for Deep Conditioning


Gentle Heat for Hair Deep Conditioning

Hair Steamer delivers even distribution of heat to your hair and opens your hair cuticle.

Your hair will absorb the needed nutrients to ger better look right after a home hair spa.. how to use the hair steamer damaged hair


WHY CHOOSE -Hair Steamer/ Heat Cap is a unique deep conditioning heat cap. It offers easy and stylish way to achieve the results of a salon quality conditioning treatment at home. You can feel good about the way you look while conditioning your hair, and dramatically improve results of your hair treatment.

EASE OF USE – Using Hair Steamer Heat Cap is as simple as switching on the button and the inside of the cap will heat up in one minute and keep at

45-65°C. Then you may just apply hair treatment on your hair and don a plastic cap or shower cap (optional) prior to putting on the hair steamer cap.

You may also adjust the heat cap to fit your head perfectly with a head strap at the back.

EFFECTIVE HAIR STEAMER HEAT CAP – The hair steamer cap reaches 45°C at LOW temperature setting and 65°C at HIGH, allowing you to select the most comfortable regime for the type of your hair.
The heat cap also provides uniform heat distribution and warms consistently to ensure deep penetration and absorption of the hair treatment into your scalp.

DEEP CONDITIONING – Hair Steamer Heat Cap is the best choice to prevent hair breakage and avoid split ends on your hair. It provides gentle heat which is beneficial for all types of hair. The hair steamer cap helps absorption of your hair products into your scalp thus ensuring that you get the best out of your hair treatment and conditioner. Also it helps lift your cuticles thus ensuring you achieve a soft and shinny hair.

Steamer Heat Cap is wide and deep, ensuring you easily cover the back, front and edges of your head.
Moreover, even if you have limited space at home, there will always be a place for this portable and handy hair steamer heat cap. The compact size also makes it easily portable to carry it any places while traveling.


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